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People don't resist change; they resist being changed. (Peter Senge)

Transform together with lead-off

helping transforming into agile problem-solving dynamics

your issue?

Your business is stagnating or in decline, and you want to generate a growth relay?

Your team/company has developed ideas for a new vision, but how can it be turned into a new reality?

Your team/company has new processes, which need to be implemented?

You feel your organization is lacking behind in digital Leadership?

your topic?

Innovations in the business model, coming from your core competencies
& transform the organization/team

Communication & animation of the strategy into the organization/team

Get the organization back in efficiency/performance mode quickly

Assess digital maturity and set up a roadmap around digitalization and new work

lead-off focus!

Transform together business and culture

Getting into design thinking mindset

Co-create a vision, work on the economical engine, identify necessary changes and install them step-by-step in processes, tools and people

Obtain clarity on the strategic framework, ensure the value-system of the company evolves appropriately.

Get agile where needed.

Because values and culture matter!

Agile Growth through people Growth with Methods

Cultural centered transformation

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Cultural business coaching

Leverage business through aligned and motivated staff

Working on individual AND on business development

Aligning teams on commun purpose
Raise energy level to achieve a motivating future

Create a shared view on performing as a team (culture)

Set Alignement-Commitment-Enablement-Empowerment

Work out clear action plans with strong commitment behind through design thinking

Organization/team coaching

5 days in total over a period of 3 month

people dynamics right

Some cases of transformation led

New business model

B2B goes B2C

The situation: a dairy company was specialized in co-manufacturing activities. Only producing for retailers or other dairy producers.

The issue: despite thorough costs management, the cycle for innovations becoming shorter, batch sizes were reducing and margins shrinking.

The idea: build and run a second business model based on own branded goods and ensure independent route to market.

The outcome: viable business plan though acquiring/reviving existing brands. Creation of new organization in marketing and cooperation in sales.

Business turnaround

750 y.o. start-up

The situation: 750 years old winery not very well managed gets a new owner.

The issue: despite great potential of soil and grapes, the economical engine was stuck and massive disinvestment occurred.

The idea: develop a professional management at all level and build the organization. Relaunch the brand (full marketing mix) and go international.

The outcome: structured commercial and administrative processes. Brand relaunch with new portfolio structure, pricing and design. Brand animation through experiences. Internationalization of the Brand and related selling processes.
+50% growth 2 year in a row.

Organizational change

Recycling in Chile

The situation: the middle-class in Chile is growing. This induces more consumption, therefore more waste in the country.

The issue: looking a sustainability, Chile wanted to follow OECD recommendation and develop circular economy.

The idea: build a consortium, set up a roadmap to implement recycling structures for solid waste (focus on packaging) and embark all stakeholders.

The outcome: build-up of the legal frame for an Extended Producer Responsibility at government level, market test of a separate collection of the waste at the origin, design and develop material recovery facilities, assess flows of trading recyclables and needed value chain, plan the inclusion of the informal sector.

Digital Transformation

Customer Journey

The situation: an outlet center has a business model centered around attracting people to physical stores. „Brands“ pay a base fee for the location and an advertising rate linked to traffic/turnover. .

The issue: growing shift to online purchases in corona pandemic forces to modernize the „destination marketing“ and the customer experience as well.

The idea: use design thinking to leverage the customer journey on site with cyber-physical experience.

The outcome: short-, mid- and longterm strategy of digital transformation based on 50 macro-trends of digital innovation (from CRM to integration of AI with Augmented Reality Experience)

Cultural Shift

New Work

The situation: a mid sized company (120 employees) decided to „rejuvenate“ about 20% of the staff. Unfortunately, keeping the new employees longer than 6 months is not working out.

The issue: the company is facing a declining of team performances. Recruiting gets under pressure. Value conflicts  between generations are obvious, resulting in conflicts about ways of working

The idea: raise the company culture awareness with 9levels of value systems. Identify structuring elements of New Work, that would help solving the dissonance within the „generations“. Set up new ways of collaboration.

The outcome: Core values are more „crispy“ and inspiring. Growth Mindset through methods like Retros and Peer Coaching are implemented. High effective working-Meeting with collaboration/co-creation mindset are substituted to former informational meetings.



The situation: a mid sized manufacturing company has a lot of good activities to become more sustainable. Mainly waste management, rethinking their sourcing chain and supporting local communities with donations.

The issue: a structured and strategical sustainability approach is not existing yet.

The idea: use the GoodBrand Social Equity Index to structure and keep-improve-stop-start activities.  

The outcome: Sustainability Plan and Scorecard, progress tracking for 6 areas of impact: Environment, Local Communities, Society, Suppliers, Employees and Customers.

Remark: migration to a B-Corp certification is in pipeline

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