Which seeds of thoughts are you spreading with your emotions?


The mind is everything. What you think you become. (Buddha)

lead-off coaching
Give your life a new course


Solution oriented "Quickwin" Coaching

Get your 1° Insight in one single coaching session

you find a strategy and a solution to solve one actual hurdle

individual coaching

1,5 hour


Establishing a growth mindset. Unleash your mind to shape the flow you are in

Leverage your frequency of thinking & feeling

Self-awareness: understand & adjust your mindset

Self-reflection: develop personal insights (describe, discover, decide) to shift focus

Self-assertiveness: learn how to recalibrate your „Emotions in Action“

Self-control: mindfullness to activate your ressources

Self-effectiveness: Strengthen your resilience

Self-realization: shaping the flow you are in, to become your flow 

individual coaching program

6-8 units (1,5 hours each) over 5-8 weeks



Outdoor Body & Brain Workout for life power

Time out to work on yourself

Self-reflection and personal insight development (describe, discover, decide)

Breathwork: body & mind outdoor exercises

get to your next personal level with 7 principles of life power

Activate your resources to reach your target

individual or team coaching program

2 evenings/2 days

Why leadership

Leadership is managing your emotions in action.

It can drive positively or negatively. Yourself. Teams.

Leadership is the key to better human performance, thus happiness, thus business performance.

Being better everyday means to take the lead and stay in the driving seat.

It is up to you to become the leader you want to be.

You make it happen!

Leveraging leadership

Develop clear goals behind an inspiring vision.

Nurture self-reflection, self-awareness, self-management and self-assertiveness.

Identify memes driving your culture.

Secure productive team dynamics through cultural fit and healthy communication.

Be magic in thinking & heroic in action.

Drive your sustainable change: transform.

Be a lead-off.

lead-off as catalysator

Transformation is deeper than change.

Going through it alone is definitely a quite challenging path. Your own „auto-pilot“ is generally on 90% of the time, so you are producing recurrent events.

Let us work together on unleashing your personal resources.

Getting the lead over your emotions and be driven by a marvelous future.

Let us work on transforming your team dynamics, with an individual or team coaching program, with a tailor-made change process, based on a systemic and holistic transformation approach, using the 9 levels of value systems.

Unleash the power of your emotions and thoughts, your resources to lead-off.

#move2yellow is an option you can choose



YELLOW level is the „1st Level“ of the 2nd Tier in the Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existential Theory of Clare W. Graves..

We move from a „Subsisting“, „Scarcity“ and „Surviving“ Mode into a „Being“, „Abundance“ and „Fullness“ Mode. Free from other levels limitation, a Flex-Flow.

Getting there is a momentous leap, based on the need to integrate the growing complexity of our connected world. A self-centered work on perceiving the flow of connections of the 1st tier of spiral dynamics, entering a breakthrough leadership of emotions, shaping from moment to moment. A level that can be full of felt freedom, love, compassion and devotion for the whole.

LEAD-OFF is getting you there with EMOTIONS in ACTION.

Develop yourself to yellow leadership with my #MOVE2YELLOW 8 weeks program,

9 levels lead-off

Clare Graves created a psychological model that highlights stages of human development specifically around values. Don Beck and Christopher Cowan further developed the spiral dynamics model, and Ken Wilber published much around the model. In Europe, 9Levels of Value Systems is giving a science-based tool to measure value systems at personal, group or organizational level. 

This can be seen as the Worldview of Worldviews, and consists so far of nine levels, that individuals express in their psychological life and consciousness.

These nine stages are developmental, in that sense that we grow through these stages. Each stage is reflecting copying systems to master existential problems. Society itself has evolved through these stage structures. That’s where we can also see different ETHICS Schools, with approaches related to the level (Blue, Orange or green)= (categorical imperative or duty based, utilitarianism or outcome based, and human virtue based)  

Stages or levels of yellow, turquoise and coral are in the so called 2nd Tier, which is about integrale perception of 1st Tier, a systemic comprehension.

This is the “Self-Actualizing and Transpersonal” level in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Leadership for Kids

Special Program for schoolkids and their parents.

Get rid of the „motivation-knot“ in 4 weeks!

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